Sunday Mornings

I have decided to do a series of just type prints. It’s inspired
by my love for type and romantic sentiments. I have done a
couple that are in my shop but I want to take my focus more
towards simple prints for my shop for now. I will still have a few
collage prints of mine but this will be a new added feature.

These are 8.5 x 11 and are good for simple gifts to give someone.
Here is the first one in the series.

I Look Forward to Sunday Mornings With You




There are plenty more to come this week! Here is the link to my store:



I’m finally getting around to mailing out my postcards to different
magazines and a couple friends. I used my collage piece “No Regrets”
for the first one.




Fayette County Fair magazine

I am living back in the town where I grew up. There is not much around
except a mall, the usual chain restaurants and bars. I only expected
to make a pit stop here on the way to Pittsburgh but ended up getting
a job at the local publishing firm. Now I’m in Uniontown and I go back
and forth between here and the city. I am still planning on moving to
Pittsburgh in the spring because this place reminds me how towns like
this stay the same. Small towns are nice to visit for a day but they are
not the ideal place where I want to call home.

The place I work for does some of the local publications, one being the
Fayette County Fair. I grew up going to this fair and can remember the
time I spent there. It was a great place to catch up with your friends
and eat a lot of crappy food while smelling the farm animals. So
here is my attempt to bring a little design to Uniontown. I just got
the magazine in my hands the other day.

My Original:


Copy of the Magazine:

fayette fair


The interior pages are a lot more ads than content. I wanted to focus
on the cover and make it feel an old fashion poster. The funny thing is
I passed their billboard and we used the same type face. I liked
how it turned out and it’s nice to do design work for this fair that has
been around for such a long time.

Blogs, Mad About Design

The last few months have happened so fast. I moved back to Pittsburgh in
February and from there immersed myself in my school work. I got a job
at a small publishing firm and now I’m finally getting balance back into
my life so hopefully I can do a better job of updating my site.


When Maomao publications contacted me I thought it could be a scam until
I snooped around on there site and realized I had seen a couple of their
books. They asked if I would be interested in being in their book called
Blogs, Mad about Design. I sent some photos, signed a contract and a few
months later the book actually arrived on my doorstep. It’s thick and glossy
with very colorful photos.


I love the simplistic cover design. In blue type it list every blog that is included
in the book. Some of my personal favorites such as:

// Swissmiss
// Design Sponge
// Ace Jet 170
// BittBox
// Its Nice That
// Design Meltdown

I could go on but I think if you are designer you can really appreciate this and
it feels pretty awesome to be in there with other designers that I truly admire
For some reason it’s not up for purchase yet. I might contact the publisher
and see if they know when that might happen.




First Flash site

My semester is over and I finished my first Flash site with actionscript.
There are a few things on the site that I wished I could have figured out
a little better. I have to say I’m pretty happy for my first attempt.

You can view it here


I need to update my main site but I’m not sure if I want to redo the whole
thing in Flash. There’s elements of the program that I like and there are
elements of Dreamweaver tha I like. I wish I was more advanced so I could
figure out how to combine them both. I guess thats why I’m in school and I’m
sure I’ll figure it out in due time.

Iso50 poster

My work space is pretty small at the moment so I don’t have a ton
of wall space to put up artwork and posters. I was sad to retire this
Russian movie poster and when I bought it the guy told me what
this translates too but it has slipped my mind. I just love the artwork
and the colors on this poster.

But after this poster from Iso50 arrived as a surprise present from
my g/f I couldn’t resist not putting it up. She knew I had been
checking this one out for a while so I was pretty excited when she
went into my bookmarks one day when I was at work and managed to
find the website she saw me on. What a great spy!

Sleepwalking next to you

My friend’s mother had a stand at the local flea market. As I stopped
over to say hi I noticed that she some really awesome books that she
was selling and one of them was a computer book from 1979. It was
exactly what I had been searching for. I had wanted to find a book with
old computers in it but it’s been an impossible search until now.
I couldn’t believe she only wanted .25 cents for it!

I used a couple photos from the book in this latest collage. Enjoy!

Can we give love one more chance?

I just finished this piece today. I have made a promise to myself that
I am to do one collage piece a week. It shouldn’t be that hard to
put a side a few hours of my time. It makes me feel so much better
after I am done. I sometimes wish I could just lock myself away and
work none stop for a month on random art pieces. But let’s just start
with one collage a week. So here is the latest. Enjoy!

Grain Edit

I’m am so in love with this blog. I found it while searching online
for book covers and stumbled on Grain Edit’s link. The focus on the
blog is “classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary
designers that draw inspiration from that time period. Site content
includes interviews, articles, as well as examples of rare design annuals,
type specimens, ephemera, posters and vintage kids books from our bookshelves.”

My passion is collage design but I love pulling inspiration from everywhere
especially from modern design that exist in today’s artwork and in the past.
It’s such a great site, be sure to check it out!

Dream About Me

I created this last week with an image in my head. I knew I wanted a sky that
reminded of an old vintage photo from the 70’s. I had a really hard time finding
one. I then tried a new technique using old paper that I had scanned. It was
very easy. I took a modern photo of a bright blue sky and in photoshop I created
a layer on top of the sky where I placed the scanned paper on top and dropped
the opacity down to about 50%. It gave it a nice yellow tint that I was looking for.
I found this book at Barnes & Noble in their bargain section called “Decorative
Art 50’s” for $10. All through it was the perfect photos of old ranch houses, modern
chairs, lamps, couches, etc. I have been wanting to include more modern furniture
into my collages. So here are the results.