Be Creative Postcards?

I got a special request the other day for my “Be Creative” #2 to be printed
as an 8 x 10 and 4 x6 cards. It made me think that once I create a couple
more in the series I should have sets of postcards printed up for my shop.
People have asked me to sell my prints as postcards but I am not sure if
I want to do that just yet. I think starting the “Be Creative” set first might
be a nice start!



Vivienne Strauss Collage

I couldn’t help posting this collage that I came across in Vivienne’s shop.
I just finished up an art history class and my favorite period was the Dada
period. Vivienne has a section in her shop called “daDA collages”  which
you can definitely see she pulls some inspiration from that period. She has
some amazing pieces but for some reason this one caught my eye. I think
I like the guy’s creepy smile and his blue tie!


Title: “He had half a mine” and is only $20

Get Noticed by the Blogosphere

I have been wondering that age old question: How do you approach
other bloggers without being annoying? I mean if you have artwork
or something you want to promote you have to get out there and just
do it. Liz and Kegan who are from the blog Design Glut answered
questions about how to approach different bloggers.

Etsy must have read my mind because they always have a good articles
but this one in particular caught my eye:
Etsy Article: Get Noticed by the Blogosphere


1978 West Virginia Map

September turned out to be one of my busiest months which explains
my lack of updates over here on my end.

A couple weeks ago I was going around looking for a chair to put in my
office. I am having terrible luck but I came upon the best looking map
for West Virginia that I have ever seen! It was created in 1978, the year
I was born and I bought it for a mere .50 cents. It looks very modern
with the choice of icons that they used. I could not find out who designed
it. I was really excited to come across this find.

west va map


New Wallet


I received this wallet for a present last xmas. I feel the need to change things
up a bit and get another one. Not because I’m sick of it but I need options.
Here are a few cool ones I found!

Toddland Space Shuttle Wallet


This one is from Urban Outfitter’s


I could go for this one which would compliment the one I already have. This
series is from Poketo by the artist Christopher Bettig.


This is another Poketo favorite by the artist Sidney Pink.


Or this one from Mmsomewhere’s etsy shop. I like that it’s a simple, bright
color photo of a bike.

It’s a tough decision!

Connect with me!

I finally set up a fanpage on Facebook. I think it’s pretty easy to
post quick updates on there when I put new prints in the shop or
I’m working on a new art piece. Be sure to add me or stop by and
say hello!


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I Am Thinking of You

Instead of writing an email, I thought perhaps if you send someone a print it
would be a sweet gesture to tell them you are thinking of them.


This is an 8.5 x 11 print I just finished. It’s for sale in the shop! for $10.50

Take Photographs of Us


This is a new 8.5 x 11 I just created. It’s on sale in the shop for $10.50!

Post-Industrial (work in progress)

I finally started a new collage. I have been trying to figure out how
to simplify my work more. I think I’m keeping this one pretty simple
and will add just a few more elements to it. Here it is so far:

Title: Post-Industrial

Inspiration Bubble

I found these lovely photos on one of my new favorite sites that I stumbled
upon last month and now I’m totally hooked. The photos posted are courtesy
of the blog Inspiration Bubble. She loves modern furniture but mixes in
cute photographs of love notes. I also like that most of the rooms featured
seem realistic but also some look like homes you would find on the cover
of Dwell.



There is definitely a lot of inspiration happening on this blog and
if you are a fan of modern furniture like me you will get lost in it.