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Be Creative No. 3

Snow took over the east coast and gave us a beating. I only was annoyed
when I ran out of coffee, but I took advantage of the time to myself and
created this poster:

You can purchase this print in my shop.


Sunday Mornings

I have decided to do a series of just type prints. It’s inspired
by my love for type and romantic sentiments. I have done a
couple that are in my shop but I want to take my focus more
towards simple prints for my shop for now. I will still have a few
collage prints of mine but this will be a new added feature.

These are 8.5 x 11 and are good for simple gifts to give someone.
Here is the first one in the series.

I Look Forward to Sunday Mornings With You




There are plenty more to come this week! Here is the link to my store: