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Girls on Film

Oh, how I miss those 80’s. Not really, but I’m fond of the music.
This piece is dedicated to Duran Duran.

Print is available in the shop now!


Vintage Penguin & Pelican covers

I go to ffffound on a daily basis and see such amazing posts by other
creative members. But sometimes I’ll see something at a glance and it
doesn’t occur to me to save it when I’m just searching quickly.

I kept coming across the vintage Penguin + Pelican book covers and one
really (#1 with the orange stripes) caught my eye on there but I couldn’t
find it again, until today when I was on See Saw’s blog and through there
I came across the flickr set by Joe Kral. He has a sweet collection of them!

Picture 6
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Be Creative Postcards?

I got a special request the other day for my “Be Creative” #2 to be printed
as an 8 x 10 and 4 x6 cards. It made me think that once I create a couple
more in the series I should have sets of postcards printed up for my shop.
People have asked me to sell my prints as postcards but I am not sure if
I want to do that just yet. I think starting the “Be Creative” set first might
be a nice start!


1978 West Virginia Map

September turned out to be one of my busiest months which explains
my lack of updates over here on my end.

A couple weeks ago I was going around looking for a chair to put in my
office. I am having terrible luck but I came upon the best looking map
for West Virginia that I have ever seen! It was created in 1978, the year
I was born and I bought it for a mere .50 cents. It looks very modern
with the choice of icons that they used. I could not find out who designed
it. I was really excited to come across this find.

west va map