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James Provost: Poster

If you are into mid-century / modern chairs as much as I am then
you will love this awesome poster created by James Provost!

You can purchase this poster right here!


Girls on Film

Oh, how I miss those 80’s. Not really, but I’m fond of the music.
This piece is dedicated to Duran Duran.

Print is available in the shop now!

I Am Thinking of You

Instead of writing an email, I thought perhaps if you send someone a print it
would be a sweet gesture to tell them you are thinking of them.


This is an 8.5 x 11 print I just finished. It’s for sale in the shop! for $10.50

Take Photographs of Us


This is a new 8.5 x 11 I just created. It’s on sale in the shop for $10.50!

Iso50 poster

My work space is pretty small at the moment so I don’t have a ton
of wall space to put up artwork and posters. I was sad to retire this
Russian movie poster and when I bought it the guy told me what
this translates too but it has slipped my mind. I just love the artwork
and the colors on this poster.

But after this poster from Iso50 arrived as a surprise present from
my g/f I couldn’t resist not putting it up. She knew I had been
checking this one out for a while so I was pretty excited when she
went into my bookmarks one day when I was at work and managed to
find the website she saw me on. What a great spy!