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Be Creative No. 3

Snow took over the east coast and gave us a beating. I only was annoyed
when I ran out of coffee, but I took advantage of the time to myself and
created this poster:

You can purchase this print in my shop.


Industrial Revolution

I finally finished my collage that I started on weeks ago.


I Am Thinking of You

Instead of writing an email, I thought perhaps if you send someone a print it
would be a sweet gesture to tell them you are thinking of them.


This is an 8.5 x 11 print I just finished. It’s for sale in the shop! for $10.50

Post-Industrial (work in progress)

I finally started a new collage. I have been trying to figure out how
to simplify my work more. I think I’m keeping this one pretty simple
and will add just a few more elements to it. Here it is so far:

Title: Post-Industrial

Sleepwalking next to you

My friend’s mother had a stand at the local flea market. As I stopped
over to say hi I noticed that she some really awesome books that she
was selling and one of them was a computer book from 1979. It was
exactly what I had been searching for. I had wanted to find a book with
old computers in it but it’s been an impossible search until now.
I couldn’t believe she only wanted .25 cents for it!

I used a couple photos from the book in this latest collage. Enjoy!

Dream About Me

I created this last week with an image in my head. I knew I wanted a sky that
reminded of an old vintage photo from the 70’s. I had a really hard time finding
one. I then tried a new technique using old paper that I had scanned. It was
very easy. I took a modern photo of a bright blue sky and in photoshop I created
a layer on top of the sky where I placed the scanned paper on top and dropped
the opacity down to about 50%. It gave it a nice yellow tint that I was looking for.
I found this book at Barnes & Noble in their bargain section called “Decorative
Art 50’s” for $10. All through it was the perfect photos of old ranch houses, modern
chairs, lamps, couches, etc. I have been wanting to include more modern furniture
into my collages. So here are the results.

Prints for Sale!

I have been putting off selling my prints for some time now.
Not because I don’t want to share my art or make money but
because I knew that putting together my Etsy store would be
intense and I was right. After spending the day figuring things
out I have posted 11 different prints for sale. I will be adding
more things and I’m excited to finally get the store up and running.

The Store is Here!

What ever happened to love letters?

I miss those old fashion love notes that you got while you were
in junior high that looked like perfect folded squares. That’s what
has inspired this latest poster. Plus, I love old typewriters. Perhaps
this would have been a better piece to do around Valentine’s day
but I think it’s never an odd time to give someone an old fashion
love letter.

Subtract & Multiply

I really have been feeling in a weird summer funk. I guess since things
have slowed down for me since school stopped I don’t know what to do
with all my free time. I just haven’t really felt inspired. Today I really pushed
myself and looked through a bunch of vintage ads and scoured for good
pictures of Pittsburgh buildings. I always really loved the architecture of
that city. So here is my new collage piece that I just finished today. It’s
titled “Subtract & Multiply.” It’s my take on the worlds ever growing population
and the controversy over cloning.


How did you promote yourself?

For some odd reason I have been receiving a couple emails here
and there from local designers asking me how did I promote myself?
While this is very flattering I really don’t have a right or wrong answer.
I really don’t know how to answer these inquiries since I’m just starting
this process myself. To be nice, I did email them links and book suggestions
and said if they figure out any successful methods please share their
tips with me and others like themselves.

I think we always look to our peers or designers that have been in this
business for a long time to answer that age old question “How do I
promote myself.” If you look on other designers sites they really don’t
share their secretes of success. But while I was looking at Tara McPherson’s
site I noticed in her FAQ section she shares some great tips about how
she got her name out there.

She’s a pretty well known female designer in the art community. She has her
hands into everything and shows us artists / designers that there really are no
limits to what you can do.

After reading her FAQ section I really enjoyed the information she was
willing to share with others. It’s pretty informative and even gave me
some good ideas. I suggest taking a few minutes to read over it.

Instead of taking a long vacation this year I’m putting my time into
promotion and I’m looking forward to it. I hope by the end of this
year I’ll be able to share more tips when I receive emails asking me
to share advice and tips with them.