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Girls on Film

Oh, how I miss those 80’s. Not really, but I’m fond of the music.
This piece is dedicated to Duran Duran.

Print is available in the shop now!


Industrial Revolution

I finally finished my collage that I started on weeks ago.


Vivienne Strauss Collage

I couldn’t help posting this collage that I came across in Vivienne’s shop.
I just finished up an art history class and my favorite period was the Dada
period. Vivienne has a section in her shop called “daDA collages”  which
you can definitely see she pulls some inspiration from that period. She has
some amazing pieces but for some reason this one caught my eye. I think
I like the guy’s creepy smile and his blue tie!


Title: “He had half a mine” and is only $20

I Am Thinking of You

Instead of writing an email, I thought perhaps if you send someone a print it
would be a sweet gesture to tell them you are thinking of them.


This is an 8.5 x 11 print I just finished. It’s for sale in the shop! for $10.50

Post-Industrial (work in progress)

I finally started a new collage. I have been trying to figure out how
to simplify my work more. I think I’m keeping this one pretty simple
and will add just a few more elements to it. Here it is so far:

Title: Post-Industrial


I’m finally getting around to mailing out my postcards to different
magazines and a couple friends. I used my collage piece “No Regrets”
for the first one.




Sleepwalking next to you

My friend’s mother had a stand at the local flea market. As I stopped
over to say hi I noticed that she some really awesome books that she
was selling and one of them was a computer book from 1979. It was
exactly what I had been searching for. I had wanted to find a book with
old computers in it but it’s been an impossible search until now.
I couldn’t believe she only wanted .25 cents for it!

I used a couple photos from the book in this latest collage. Enjoy!

Can we give love one more chance?

I just finished this piece today. I have made a promise to myself that
I am to do one collage piece a week. It shouldn’t be that hard to
put a side a few hours of my time. It makes me feel so much better
after I am done. I sometimes wish I could just lock myself away and
work none stop for a month on random art pieces. But let’s just start
with one collage a week. So here is the latest. Enjoy!

Dream About Me

I created this last week with an image in my head. I knew I wanted a sky that
reminded of an old vintage photo from the 70’s. I had a really hard time finding
one. I then tried a new technique using old paper that I had scanned. It was
very easy. I took a modern photo of a bright blue sky and in photoshop I created
a layer on top of the sky where I placed the scanned paper on top and dropped
the opacity down to about 50%. It gave it a nice yellow tint that I was looking for.
I found this book at Barnes & Noble in their bargain section called “Decorative
Art 50’s” for $10. All through it was the perfect photos of old ranch houses, modern
chairs, lamps, couches, etc. I have been wanting to include more modern furniture
into my collages. So here are the results.

Prints for Sale!

I have been putting off selling my prints for some time now.
Not because I don’t want to share my art or make money but
because I knew that putting together my Etsy store would be
intense and I was right. After spending the day figuring things
out I have posted 11 different prints for sale. I will be adding
more things and I’m excited to finally get the store up and running.

The Store is Here!