Archive | July 2010

Inspirational Boards

In the past few months I have been noticing sites where you can
just post images that inspire you. There are some that have been
around for a while but the latest ones such Pintrest and Image Spark
have really caught my eye. Right now I would have to say I’m more
addicted to Pintrest because it’s set up almost like Twitter where you
can follow people. I don’t really get the “moodboards” on Image
Spark and I’m sure if I take the time to explore them I might
understand it better.

The other thing to note is that you have to be invited to Pintrest where
as Image Spark just let’s you sign up. I do think they are both great sites
that allow you to have everything that inspires you in one place instead
of bookmarking a billion photos.


My Own Identity Crisis

One thing that is tough is coming up with a new company’s
brand and their logo. I think it’s even worst when it’s your own.
I tend to change my mind a lot and 6 months I could be bored
with logo I choose. I think that’s why I have avoided coming up
with something for so long.

So far, I came up with three ideas and opinions are welcomed!

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