Fayette County Fair magazine

I am living back in the town where I grew up. There is not much around
except a mall, the usual chain restaurants and bars. I only expected
to make a pit stop here on the way to Pittsburgh but ended up getting
a job at the local publishing firm. Now I’m in Uniontown and I go back
and forth between here and the city. I am still planning on moving to
Pittsburgh in the spring because this place reminds me how towns like
this stay the same. Small towns are nice to visit for a day but they are
not the ideal place where I want to call home.

The place I work for does some of the local publications, one being the
Fayette County Fair. I grew up going to this fair and can remember the
time I spent there. It was a great place to catch up with your friends
and eat a lot of crappy food while smelling the farm animals. So
here is my attempt to bring a little design to Uniontown. I just got
the magazine in my hands the other day.

My Original:


Copy of the Magazine:

fayette fair


The interior pages are a lot more ads than content. I wanted to focus
on the cover and make it feel an old fashion poster. The funny thing is
I passed their billboard and we used the same type face. I liked
how it turned out and it’s nice to do design work for this fair that has
been around for such a long time.


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