Blogs, Mad About Design

The last few months have happened so fast. I moved back to Pittsburgh in
February and from there immersed myself in my school work. I got a job
at a small publishing firm and now I’m finally getting balance back into
my life so hopefully I can do a better job of updating my site.


When Maomao publications contacted me I thought it could be a scam until
I snooped around on there site and realized I had seen a couple of their
books. They asked if I would be interested in being in their book called
Blogs, Mad about Design. I sent some photos, signed a contract and a few
months later the book actually arrived on my doorstep. It’s thick and glossy
with very colorful photos.


I love the simplistic cover design. In blue type it list every blog that is included
in the book. Some of my personal favorites such as:

// Swissmiss
// Design Sponge
// Ace Jet 170
// BittBox
// Its Nice That
// Design Meltdown

I could go on but I think if you are designer you can really appreciate this and
it feels pretty awesome to be in there with other designers that I truly admire
For some reason it’s not up for purchase yet. I might contact the publisher
and see if they know when that might happen.





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