First Flash site

My semester is over and I finished my first Flash site with actionscript.
There are a few things on the site that I wished I could have figured out
a little better. I have to say I’m pretty happy for my first attempt.

You can view it here


I need to update my main site but I’m not sure if I want to redo the whole
thing in Flash. There’s elements of the program that I like and there are
elements of Dreamweaver tha I like. I wish I was more advanced so I could
figure out how to combine them both. I guess thats why I’m in school and I’m
sure I’ll figure it out in due time.


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One response to “First Flash site”

  1. John says :

    I really like the site. I’m probably in a pretty comparable position as you, making my way through design school, and your site impresses me. I haven’t done much web and/or motion, but I’m looking forward to it. Good job.

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