Archive | September 2008

Iso50 poster

My work space is pretty small at the moment so I don’t have a ton
of wall space to put up artwork and posters. I was sad to retire this
Russian movie poster and when I bought it the guy told me what
this translates too but it has slipped my mind. I just love the artwork
and the colors on this poster.

But after this poster from Iso50 arrived as a surprise present from
my g/f I couldn’t resist not putting it up. She knew I had been
checking this one out for a while so I was pretty excited when she
went into my bookmarks one day when I was at work and managed to
find the website she saw me on. What a great spy!


Sleepwalking next to you

My friend’s mother had a stand at the local flea market. As I stopped
over to say hi I noticed that she some really awesome books that she
was selling and one of them was a computer book from 1979. It was
exactly what I had been searching for. I had wanted to find a book with
old computers in it but it’s been an impossible search until now.
I couldn’t believe she only wanted .25 cents for it!

I used a couple photos from the book in this latest collage. Enjoy!

Can we give love one more chance?

I just finished this piece today. I have made a promise to myself that
I am to do one collage piece a week. It shouldn’t be that hard to
put a side a few hours of my time. It makes me feel so much better
after I am done. I sometimes wish I could just lock myself away and
work none stop for a month on random art pieces. But let’s just start
with one collage a week. So here is the latest. Enjoy!