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Grain Edit

I’m am so in love with this blog. I found it while searching online
for book covers and stumbled on Grain Edit’s link. The focus on the
blog is “classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary
designers that draw inspiration from that time period. Site content
includes interviews, articles, as well as examples of rare design annuals,
type specimens, ephemera, posters and vintage kids books from our bookshelves.”

My passion is collage design but I love pulling inspiration from everywhere
especially from modern design that exist in today’s artwork and in the past.
It’s such a great site, be sure to check it out!


Dream About Me

I created this last week with an image in my head. I knew I wanted a sky that
reminded of an old vintage photo from the 70’s. I had a really hard time finding
one. I then tried a new technique using old paper that I had scanned. It was
very easy. I took a modern photo of a bright blue sky and in photoshop I created
a layer on top of the sky where I placed the scanned paper on top and dropped
the opacity down to about 50%. It gave it a nice yellow tint that I was looking for.
I found this book at Barnes & Noble in their bargain section called “Decorative
Art 50’s” for $10. All through it was the perfect photos of old ranch houses, modern
chairs, lamps, couches, etc. I have been wanting to include more modern furniture
into my collages. So here are the results.

45 RPM– the 7inch

Wow, summer is almost over and I have been horrible about updating
my little blog over here. I promise to be better.

I just got this amazing book called “A Visual History of the Seven-Inch
Record, 45 RPM”.
It has great 7 inch covers all through the book.
Here are the first few I wanted to post: