Archive | June 2008

Prints for Sale!

I have been putting off selling my prints for some time now.
Not because I don’t want to share my art or make money but
because I knew that putting together my Etsy store would be
intense and I was right. After spending the day figuring things
out I have posted 11 different prints for sale. I will be adding
more things and I’m excited to finally get the store up and running.

The Store is Here!



I found some old Schwinn ads and couldn’t resist using
one of them for my latest collage piece.

Be Creative – poster #2

Here is the 2nd poster to my “Be Creative” series. I think for the next
one I will do more of my collage style or give it more of a worn look.

What ever happened to love letters?

I miss those old fashion love notes that you got while you were
in junior high that looked like perfect folded squares. That’s what
has inspired this latest poster. Plus, I love old typewriters. Perhaps
this would have been a better piece to do around Valentine’s day
but I think it’s never an odd time to give someone an old fashion
love letter.

Subtract & Multiply

I really have been feeling in a weird summer funk. I guess since things
have slowed down for me since school stopped I don’t know what to do
with all my free time. I just haven’t really felt inspired. Today I really pushed
myself and looked through a bunch of vintage ads and scoured for good
pictures of Pittsburgh buildings. I always really loved the architecture of
that city. So here is my new collage piece that I just finished today. It’s
titled “Subtract & Multiply.” It’s my take on the worlds ever growing population
and the controversy over cloning.