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Poster for Electric Avenue

A poster I designed last week for my friends show. I was having
a busy week and did it under some time constraints but I loved
the finished product. I decided to only use type and one photo. I didn’t
have time to do a collage or anything that would be too time consuming.
But George was happy with it and I liked that I just decided to use type
and symbols to complete the poster.



Portfolio case

This is my new best friend courtesy of

Thanks Daily Slurp!

I wanted to thank Daily Slurp for putting my website link
on their site. I go there all the time to see what amazing sites
they are featuring that day. They also have another incredible
site which is called Design Meltdown. If you’re a web designer
or any type of designer this is a great reference.

Design Meltdown breaks the websites into several catagories
(pink, minimalism, old paper, tiny, etc).

Be Creative — poster #1

New poster with the phrase that I repeat in my head each day.
I will do a series of 3.  This is the first one.


I Love Typography xoxo

If you love type as much as I do you really should check this site out if you
haven’t yet. It’s still pretty new but has a lot great information on Typography.
I love the layout and design of the site. It really manages to give you interesting
and insightful articles on Typography instead of something boring or bland.
The web address is:


Papyrus & Comic Sans !#%?

I’m sure these two fonts have a purpose but I really despise them.
Papyrus seems to pop up everywhere I go. When I worked at a print
shop located in Northampton, MA every yoga instructor decided it
would be a great font to use for their logo. Or on their brochure. Or
all through a huge 12 x 18 poster.

I moved back to the Lehigh Valley last year to get back into college for
web design. I also thought how it would be great to take a Typography
class because it was also showing us how to use Adobe InDesign. I had
been using QuarkXpress up until this point.

After the first couple projects I noticed that a lot of the students used
Papyrus. PAPYRUS! With all the fonts available to us, with all the different
styles and type treatments to use, some of them chose Papyrus. I was kind
kind of shocked. I thought since these young 18 year old kids had been a part
of a whole other culture they might use some other type choices.

I think I’m just going to have to learn to get a long with Papyrus and just deal
with it. To me, it’s just a bad font.

Now Comic Sans, I won’t even get into that. I will admit in 1998 I decided to use
that font on my very first resume. I want to curl up in a ball thinking about that
now and I wonder why a professor didn’t ask me what the hell was I thinking.