My New Website!

Finally! After 5 years, many transitions and my lack of web design
knowledge I finally have a new, fully functioning website. The address
is just in case you didn’t know.

Even after getting the Dreamweaver Dummies book and trying to follow it,
I still had a hard time figuring out the program on my own. Now that
I’m back in college and taking all these different web classes it’s a whole new
world of knowledge embedded in my head. I’m still learning a lot and there’s
more to come.

For now, here is the new site and below is a few of the old pages I did over the years:


Previous stages over the past 4-5 years:




I don’t really hate any of them, I just think the artwork should speak for itself
and my site should be simple and straight to the point. I hope you like the
current site. Enjoy!!


3 responses to “My New Website!”

  1. josh miller says :

    you must have had a kick-ass web design teacher to make a site like that…

  2. dc76128 says :

    I am just getting into the web design world and am pretty impressed with what you have done. I am using dreamweaver right now but I am still having problems with making the site creative. Did you using photoshop to design the pages then import them or what? Again the web sites look great be proud

  3. reconstructingideas says :

    The easier way I was taught was to lay it out in Illustrator on different layers. Just click off the layers as you save them for the web. For the print pieces and art projects I did save those in Photoshop.
    I’m still getting use to Dreamweaver, I always learn something new.

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