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Highway signs along 78

Driving on I-78 I did notice a change with roadsigns but the type
also seemed a little different. I was searching around on How Designs
blog and found this article and saw that they featured our road signs.


The article by How & Ny Times:
New York Times just ran an interesting about the history of road
signs and their future. It focuses on the development of Clearview, a
new sign font approved in 2004 that’s starting to be adopted across the
country. The Federal Highway Administration granted Clearview interim
approval in 2004, meaning that individual states are free to begin using
it in all their road signs. More than 20 states have already adopted the
typeface, replacing existing signs one by one as old ones wear out. Some
places have been quicker to make the switch — much of Route I-80 in western
Pennsylvania is marked by signs in Clearview, as are the roads around Dallas-Fort
Worth International Airport —but it will very likely take decades for the rest
of the country to finish the roadside makeover. It is a slow, almost imperceptible
process. But eventually the entire country could be looking at Clearview


My New Website!

Finally! After 5 years, many transitions and my lack of web design
knowledge I finally have a new, fully functioning website. The address
is just in case you didn’t know.

Even after getting the Dreamweaver Dummies book and trying to follow it,
I still had a hard time figuring out the program on my own. Now that
I’m back in college and taking all these different web classes it’s a whole new
world of knowledge embedded in my head. I’m still learning a lot and there’s
more to come.

For now, here is the new site and below is a few of the old pages I did over the years:


Previous stages over the past 4-5 years:




I don’t really hate any of them, I just think the artwork should speak for itself
and my site should be simple and straight to the point. I hope you like the
current site. Enjoy!!