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My internet woes…

A lot has been happening and keeping me extremely busy. The great thing is that
my internet has been down for the last few days. Well not exactly. It was down
during the storm, we called the cable company so it could be checked out. The night
before the cable guy arrives it miraculously starts working. He arrives and all the
lights on the tiny black box are flashing as if it was all a dream. A couple hours after
he left, it went down again. I called in to make another appointment. I came home
today and it’s up again!!! I feel like someone is pulling some weird prank on us.


During the week I was contacted by a publisher via blog / email about
including my blog in a book they are publishing which is about different
graphic design blogs. I was a little skeptical just because the publisher
is located in Spain. But the books they have participated in are listed on, they have a great website and they left me their contact
information. I just have to send a few sentences and a couple screen shots.
I will look a little more into this and see what happens.


East Side


I miss mixed tapes and the hours it would take to compose one tape
for someone. This is kind of where this poster started when I found
old advertisements featuring tape recorders. I also found a photo
of a record player that was similar to the one my mother use to own
when I was a kid. I remember she had those bulky head phones that
plugged into the stereo. Sometimes I would put them on my head
and dance around while stretching out the chord.

I will be printing some of the recent posters I created and hanging them
in Mas Cafe. You can either buy them framed or unframed.