the 1980’s

I decided to take a Typography class this semester. I felt like it would be a great way to create a few interesting projects and explore different ways of using type. My professor showed us a slide show with different type treatments from different artists. I was proud that I recognized a lot of the different posters she was using as examples. I feel old when I sit next to those kids in class but I can appreciate what I’m learning a lot more then I did when I was 18.

I spent today looking through old graphic design manuals. I found some great examples of Russian constructivist art which gave me a new appreciation for it.
I love the structure, their use of the grid and how simplistic the typography is.

I also came across a lot of artwork and images from the 1980’s. Which is my era. All I can really remember or think of is a lot of bad fashion, Ronald Regan, the cold war and my dad’s ugly car collection through the years.

I created this poster and I’m dedicating it to the 1980’s. I’m glad that the era
is over along with me teasing my hair and tight rolling my pants.



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