2008 – Books I found under the tree

The holidays are finally over, we have made some resolutions and
hopefully some of us will stick to them. Mine is to draw more on a
weekly basis. When I discover these 3 books under my tree I felt like
my girlfriend had read my mind.


Hand Job:

Very clever title and a great book that includes so many different
artists / typographers. It felt good to flip through it from front to
back and be immersed in every page. There is a short description
of each of the artist with a few pages of their work. There’s also a lot of
artists that I had never heard of. I find that some design books include
the same artists along with the same pieces that you see a lot. I find
this book to be a great source of inspiration.

New Vintage Type: Classic fonts for the digital age:

This book is organized into 5 different chapters showing different
periods of typeography from historical to modern. Includes different
descriptions explaining each section. I found a lot of great posters
through out this book with interesting techniques and styles.

Fingerprint: The art of using handmade elements
in graphic design

This book has a mix of packing, posters and t’shirts that have handmade
elements used within the design. Definitely my kind of book.

All these books I have listed show us that maybe we should take some
time to step away from our monitors and unanswered emails to get
back into the old art of creating things by hand. I plan on keeping a
sketchbook to draw like I use to when I was younger.


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