An Ode to You

I have lived in the city of Pittsburgh, which I do mention a lot because sometimes I miss it. It is known for it’s once booming steel industry. Even though Pittsburgh has grown so much over the years, you can still see remnants of old steel mills and warehouses spread through out it’s landscape. In the last few years they have been demolished so new strip malls can be erected in their place. Bethlehem, PA has had the same luck as Pittsburgh but instead of new art galleries and shops they have decided on a huge casino project.

The good thing about living here in Bethlehem is you still see lots of steel mills that are not disturbed. They have a historical society that is going to preserve them. I don’t know how much of them will be preserved but lets hope that when you pass through you can tell that this place was once a bustling steel town. So this piece is dedicated to all the abandoned steel mills.



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