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An Ode to You

I have lived in the city of Pittsburgh, which I do mention a lot because sometimes I miss it. It is known for it’s once booming steel industry. Even though Pittsburgh has grown so much over the years, you can still see remnants of old steel mills and warehouses spread through out it’s landscape. In the last few years they have been demolished so new strip malls can be erected in their place. Bethlehem, PA has had the same luck as Pittsburgh but instead of new art galleries and shops they have decided on a huge casino project.

The good thing about living here in Bethlehem is you still see lots of steel mills that are not disturbed. They have a historical society that is going to preserve them. I don’t know how much of them will be preserved but lets hope that when you pass through you can tell that this place was once a bustling steel town. So this piece is dedicated to all the abandoned steel mills.



Almost there…

I have until August 31st to have all my work complete. I stopped painting for the past 3 years and I’m really trying to make up for lost time. According to Angela she wanted me to have at least 35 art pieces for this up and coming show. I had to have 6 big paintings for the wall cases and the rest can be a mix of small paintings and posters that I have done. I have 3 big paintings left to do. So here are the latest mixed media pieces I have done:



What a Strange Thing to Say

Since 1997 I have had jobs on and off either baking bagels at 4am for over payed lawyers looking for a quick morning fix, helping people find bad music for their teenage daughter who thinks Avril is “punk” or helping grumpy customers print files while they argue with me over my design charge.

My favorite part of working in places like this is what people say.  I get odd reactions to my name or they sometimes just say off the wall comments in different situations.  This piece of art is dedicated to all of you.  All of the weird customers I have encountered and the strange things they say to me.



My last apartment had an eccentric old man that lived above us. He was very particular about the way you parked on the street and you had to be so far away from his driveway. He also road his bike in really skimpy bikini cut shorts. He had a camera set up on our porch that was pointed towards the street. We weren’t sure if it was working but it was still weird. I was kind of paranoid that there might be cameras in the house and I would end up on some sort of trashy talk show talking about my creepy landlord.

After a few months of living on Woodbine Ave. he finally began talking a little bit and would nod hi. The one thing that took me a while to figure out was this weird banging sound coming from his apartment. Just as you were about to go to sleep he would start banging on something. We realized he was actually typing letters on an old fashioned typewriter. I thought that was amazing. In the age of technology there was someone actually choosing to use a typewriter.

I tend to use them for decoration pieces or apart of my art. I decided to use an old typewriter ad in this poster I just created: