Steeltown – Zip code 15221

I’m packing my things and getting ready for my trip to Pittsburgh. I have such a love hate relationship with that city. It’s a very modern yet gritty place. You can still see remnants of the steelmills and people say “yinz” or “n’at”. I love that there is so much to do, so much to see and so many memories. I had my favorite bar I would go to for pierogies and beer. There was a Middle Eastern cafe that I would purchase my spinach pies and hummus from every week. It has the Andy Warhol museum and many other galleries. But my the important reason to go back is because of my good friends and family. The city has grown so much since I moved away a 3 years ago. I will be excited to drive through the Fort Pitt tunnel and see the city scape ahead of me.

Before I started to pack, my goal was to finish the art test for my college application. I applied back in March but didn’t realize there was an art test until recently. I put it off even longer when I realized there was a sketching part. I haven’t sketched anything since I was 18. I did finish the sketch and did the best I could. I also had to do a digital poster on a location. What did I pick? Pittsburgh of course, especially since I have been missing it and knowing that I would be visiting soon. Just before I was to print it out I decided to add a couple photos that I had taken a few years back of the city. After I added them my photoshop just started to add weird color blocks all over. I didn’t think it would be a big deal so I restarted my program. No, the blocks were still there. I had to redo the poster all over. I was scrambling around today finishing my poster and preparing everything to go out. Here is my finished product and I’m actually glad I had to do it over. I like this version better:



One response to “Steeltown – Zip code 15221”

  1. MollieCat says :

    Hey! I love this! – It’s fun to see a touch of both campiness and softness interspersed among the obvious steel. I miss Pittsburgh!

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