Where Do I Begin?

Thank goodness for the internet, there are so many great marketing and
business blogs geared toward designers. A few that I read religiously are:

Bodo: Business of Design online

Marketing Profs: Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Marketing Mix: Marketing Mentor Community

Creative Latitude: articles on “promotion, education and ethical business practice”

Notes from the Zen Kitchen: Dani Nordin’s blog on life as a designer
and business owner. She specializes in eco-friendly marketing
communications and speaks a lot about that on her blog.

How Design Forum: Various subjects on design are discussed here

Blog-oMotives: Jeff Fisher who wrote The Savvy Designer’s Guide To Succes….
He has a lot of knowledge with this topic and speaks about it often.

Now that I’m back in Pennsylvania, I’m settled in, I have all my equipment set up, my days are free. The problem? I am not really sure where to start. I know marketing is a trial and error sort of thing. Everyday I read all these great articles and blogs with different marketing ideas. I think I need to sit down and perhaps write an outline. I’m really into making “To Do” lists, perhaps this is where one would come in handy.

The other day I did go out and hit the pavement. I spoke with a few store owners on the Southside of Bethlehem. At first I was nervous, but after a couple stores I got a little better. I also realized that if you speak to the owner about their business and what it is they do they get really comfortable with you. I gave out a few business cards and left my postcards around at different shops in the area. Tonight I will be attending a networking event with the Take Over Lehigh Valley group.

I know gaining clients does not happen over night. I just wish I could clear my head and figure out where my starting point should be.



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