The First State

I have been absent for a few days due to my adventures in Delaware. Each license plate reminded me of their ego telling me that they were the first state. For some reason I always thought that Massachusetts was but I never claimed to be good at history.

We stayed in Bethany Beach in a cute 2 story house with screened in porches, an open deck, a sun porch and plenty of room.

We spent most of our days in Rehoboth Beach roaming around discovering different shops, bars and restaurants. Our favorite by far was the Dogfish Brewery. We indulged ourselves in all the different beers, woodgrilled pizzas and seafood. We attempted to take the official brewery tour but was unsuccessful because we were given the wrong directions. By the time we figured out where it was, the tour had already started.

It felt really good to be back, but now I feel like I’m beginning everything from scratch. I have no clients yet, I need to finish my college art test and set up my computer equipment. It feels like June is almost over.



One response to “The First State”

  1. Leslie says :

    I’m just writing to say that I love your blog’s design and am quite envious of your mad skillz.

    Also Dogfish beer is delish! These are both facts that just needed to be said.

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