It’s all in a name

I’m very fascinated with marketing and branding. Especially when I realized that artists can put their name out there and make a living by doing something they love. I do have a one unique thing that no on else has. I have a really odd, unique name that raises eyebrows every time I introduce myself. The conversation usually goes, “It was great to meet you and I didn’t catch your name?” It’s my turn to reply and wait for the extremely sweet or the crunched up face reaction. I say “my is Mundania.” You say my name like it looks: Mun-dane-ya. No matter what reaction I get, no one forgets my name. Which to me is a great thing. I do not get offended if someone butchers it. My name has been said in many different


I do own several marketing books, I read several online marketing blogs, I have emailed a few artists but this is the first time that I plan to actively go out and sell myself. I have my business cards ready along with postcards and of course my name.

Now I just have to muster up some courage to start cold calling and going door to door and just put myself out there.


3 responses to “It’s all in a name”

  1. Leslie says :

    i love the inherent irony in your name – you know, the name mundania in no way being mundane. 🙂

  2. Jodi says :

    You know, as much as you’re probably sick of the initial reaction people have to your name, I think it’s great when people then respond very matter-of-fact. Like a, “Yeah, so? Can we move on?” attitude instead of a “Shit, they don’t get it” one. And I ❤ business cards. I collect them and refer to them for myself and others. Is there a way you could get one to me?

  3. jonsquared says :

    I have a legal first name that gets butchered all the time in both pronunciation and spelling, but I don’t mind either. Best of luck to you. Cheers!

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