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Where Do I Begin?

Thank goodness for the internet, there are so many great marketing and
business blogs geared toward designers. A few that I read religiously are:

Bodo: Business of Design online

Marketing Profs: Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Marketing Mix: Marketing Mentor Community

Creative Latitude: articles on “promotion, education and ethical business practice”

Notes from the Zen Kitchen: Dani Nordin’s blog on life as a designer
and business owner. She specializes in eco-friendly marketing
communications and speaks a lot about that on her blog.

How Design Forum: Various subjects on design are discussed here

Blog-oMotives: Jeff Fisher who wrote The Savvy Designer’s Guide To Succes….
He has a lot of knowledge with this topic and speaks about it often.

Now that I’m back in Pennsylvania, I’m settled in, I have all my equipment set up, my days are free. The problem? I am not really sure where to start. I know marketing is a trial and error sort of thing. Everyday I read all these great articles and blogs with different marketing ideas. I think I need to sit down and perhaps write an outline. I’m really into making “To Do” lists, perhaps this is where one would come in handy.

The other day I did go out and hit the pavement. I spoke with a few store owners on the Southside of Bethlehem. At first I was nervous, but after a couple stores I got a little better. I also realized that if you speak to the owner about their business and what it is they do they get really comfortable with you. I gave out a few business cards and left my postcards around at different shops in the area. Tonight I will be attending a networking event with the Take Over Lehigh Valley group.

I know gaining clients does not happen over night. I just wish I could clear my head and figure out where my starting point should be.



The First State

I have been absent for a few days due to my adventures in Delaware. Each license plate reminded me of their ego telling me that they were the first state. For some reason I always thought that Massachusetts was but I never claimed to be good at history.

We stayed in Bethany Beach in a cute 2 story house with screened in porches, an open deck, a sun porch and plenty of room.

We spent most of our days in Rehoboth Beach roaming around discovering different shops, bars and restaurants. Our favorite by far was the Dogfish Brewery. We indulged ourselves in all the different beers, woodgrilled pizzas and seafood. We attempted to take the official brewery tour but was unsuccessful because we were given the wrong directions. By the time we figured out where it was, the tour had already started.

It felt really good to be back, but now I feel like I’m beginning everything from scratch. I have no clients yet, I need to finish my college art test and set up my computer equipment. It feels like June is almost over.


It’s all in a name

I’m very fascinated with marketing and branding. Especially when I realized that artists can put their name out there and make a living by doing something they love. I do have a one unique thing that no on else has. I have a really odd, unique name that raises eyebrows every time I introduce myself. The conversation usually goes, “It was great to meet you and I didn’t catch your name?” It’s my turn to reply and wait for the extremely sweet or the crunched up face reaction. I say “my is Mundania.” You say my name like it looks: Mun-dane-ya. No matter what reaction I get, no one forgets my name. Which to me is a great thing. I do not get offended if someone butchers it. My name has been said in many different


I do own several marketing books, I read several online marketing blogs, I have emailed a few artists but this is the first time that I plan to actively go out and sell myself. I have my business cards ready along with postcards and of course my name.

Now I just have to muster up some courage to start cold calling and going door to door and just put myself out there.