Science of Packing

Shirts, socks, books, forks, pans, dishes….it’s interesting how you can stuff so many things into boxes that gets crammed into your car and transported for 4 hours through 3 different states. I have figured out the science of packing and can do it pretty quickly. This is my 5th move in the last 3 years.

People think its a little crazy that I have moved around so much but It’s given me a chance to explore a few different places. Now I’m at the point where I begin to get restless after 6 months in a certain place. I hope that I’ll feel settled after this next move.


Once I get back I will set up a meeting with the local NPR station to do some artwork for them. I really do not have any sort of marketing plan outlined. I have a lot of notes from books and blogs I have read. I know it’s best to put something together that is structured.

I am inspired by Dani Nordin who writes Notes from the Zen Kitchen. She does paperless marketing by sending out email newsletters. I’m not sure if I have much to say or enough to say by sending out a monthly newsletter.
I think it’s a great marketing tactic without sending out a mailer which usually gets a very little response and waste a lot of paper. I did print postcards and business cards. I do plan to do a mailing of people who have said they would like a postcard from me. I suppose that’s a start.


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