Please, do not store any bodies

Over the weekend I moved boxes of books, dvd’s, paintings and my shelves back to Pennsylvania. I rented a storage space and when they told me the rules, I kind of laughed. They went over the whole “don’t store flamables, food and bodies”. I thought he was just joking around. I have seen crime shows where people actually do that, so I thought they were just being silly. But they really do have to tell you not to store bodies in there. I felt like I signed a million papers just store some boxes in a 5×5 space.

On Saturday we went over to the Allentown Farmer’s market where they have a ton of different stands for every type of food imaginable. We ended up going to the Mediterranean stand and buying hummus and tabouli salad. I also wanted to buy some fresh organic coffee. I only started to look at the selection when one gentleman came up and asked us if we needed help, but said it in a way like we were deaf people. As I continued to look and notice all the selections and trying to decided if I wanted something, another gentleman came over and said “Do you need any help”, we replied politely “no thanks” and then he replied “great!” in a snotty voice. So that made my decision pretty quickly, I decided to walk out empty handed. But going to the farmers market is always a good place to pick up good fruits, vegetables and do a lot of people watching.

I have 5 more days of work and 9 more until I move officially. I have saved up enough money so I can take 2 months off just to paint. My friend Angela asked me to do an art show at the end of August in Pittsburgh. The catch is that I have to come up with a few big paintings and a few more small pieces. I think it will be great motivation to paint a lot more. I have a few pieces already but not enough for a show. I’m really excited to do an art show in Pittsburgh and I think it will be great exposure and give me time to visit friends that I haven’t seen in months.



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