No One Belongs Here…


I remember a few years back a couple short films by Miranda July were screened at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I found them very interesting. It seemed that she had faded into my memory until the release of “Me and You and Everyone We Know”. Ever since then I have been checking in on her site to see what she has been doing. She just released a book of short stories called “No One Belongs Here More Than You”. I love the design on the cover or the lack of design I should say. It’s yellow with a very simple straight forward font (which seems to be a Helvetica). This is her website, at the top it says “You Obviously Know What I’m Talking About”.


2 responses to “No One Belongs Here…”

  1. Foxy Girlfriend says :

    I get so bent out of shape when I hear people say negative things about her. She’s so humble and lost inside of her own fantasy unicorn brain, how can that ever be a bad thing? The book also comes in HOT PINK color. Let’s read it together outloud inside of a blanket fort.

  2. Jodi says :

    ❤ Miranda July.

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