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Science of Packing

Shirts, socks, books, forks, pans, dishes….it’s interesting how you can stuff so many things into boxes that gets crammed into your car and transported for 4 hours through 3 different states. I have figured out the science of packing and can do it pretty quickly. This is my 5th move in the last 3 years.

People think its a little crazy that I have moved around so much but It’s given me a chance to explore a few different places. Now I’m at the point where I begin to get restless after 6 months in a certain place. I hope that I’ll feel settled after this next move.


Once I get back I will set up a meeting with the local NPR station to do some artwork for them. I really do not have any sort of marketing plan outlined. I have a lot of notes from books and blogs I have read. I know it’s best to put something together that is structured.

I am inspired by Dani Nordin who writes Notes from the Zen Kitchen. She does paperless marketing by sending out email newsletters. I’m not sure if I have much to say or enough to say by sending out a monthly newsletter.
I think it’s a great marketing tactic without sending out a mailer which usually gets a very little response and waste a lot of paper. I did print postcards and business cards. I do plan to do a mailing of people who have said they would like a postcard from me. I suppose that’s a start.


Don’t be scared….


Over the weekend I put together this collage piece on my computer. I plan
on putting it on canvas in a couple weeks. It’s going to be 36 x 12 when it’s finished.

A lot of the pieces that I have been working on lately have started just from something I have heard someone say or a verse in a song. I feel like I’m a lot more observant lately. Soon as a phrase catches my ear, I write it down and put it in my pocket. I start searching for images that remind me of the words that I want to use for the painting. I use to wait until the last minute to come up with titles or to put text into my work. Now it’s one of the first things that I focus on. I like it better in this order. I think it inspires me more to work around a phrase or something that I heard a friend say to me.

New Business Cards

I redid my business cards, I did two different versions:


My main focus is mixed media design but I figured my business cards should just be simple and to the point. I find that dealing with certain clients they want to know that you can be versatile.

Please, do not store any bodies

Over the weekend I moved boxes of books, dvd’s, paintings and my shelves back to Pennsylvania. I rented a storage space and when they told me the rules, I kind of laughed. They went over the whole “don’t store flamables, food and bodies”. I thought he was just joking around. I have seen crime shows where people actually do that, so I thought they were just being silly. But they really do have to tell you not to store bodies in there. I felt like I signed a million papers just store some boxes in a 5×5 space.

On Saturday we went over to the Allentown Farmer’s market where they have a ton of different stands for every type of food imaginable. We ended up going to the Mediterranean stand and buying hummus and tabouli salad. I also wanted to buy some fresh organic coffee. I only started to look at the selection when one gentleman came up and asked us if we needed help, but said it in a way like we were deaf people. As I continued to look and notice all the selections and trying to decided if I wanted something, another gentleman came over and said “Do you need any help”, we replied politely “no thanks” and then he replied “great!” in a snotty voice. So that made my decision pretty quickly, I decided to walk out empty handed. But going to the farmers market is always a good place to pick up good fruits, vegetables and do a lot of people watching.

I have 5 more days of work and 9 more until I move officially. I have saved up enough money so I can take 2 months off just to paint. My friend Angela asked me to do an art show at the end of August in Pittsburgh. The catch is that I have to come up with a few big paintings and a few more small pieces. I think it will be great motivation to paint a lot more. I have a few pieces already but not enough for a show. I’m really excited to do an art show in Pittsburgh and I think it will be great exposure and give me time to visit friends that I haven’t seen in months.


150 DPI

I did a series of collages a couple years ago after I threw out the concept of “clean” design. In advertising and a lot of graphic design that is usually the norm. One of the layouts was this, which I finally transfered onto a 10 x 10 canvas a couple weeks ago.


No One Belongs Here…


I remember a few years back a couple short films by Miranda July were screened at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I found them very interesting. It seemed that she had faded into my memory until the release of “Me and You and Everyone We Know”. Ever since then I have been checking in on her site to see what she has been doing. She just released a book of short stories called “No One Belongs Here More Than You”. I love the design on the cover or the lack of design I should say. It’s yellow with a very simple straight forward font (which seems to be a Helvetica). This is her website, at the top it says “You Obviously Know What I’m Talking About”.

Switching Things Up

I decided to switch my blog over to because you can add your own banner at the top without having to do HTML coding, which I know nothing about! It also lets me view how many visitors I get per day on my blog which is a great feature since I have so many people telling me that they saw the artwork I have been posting but they just haven’t commented.

I’m also in the process of moving so there will probably not be a lot of updates this month. I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed with all the packing and the huge list of things I need to do before I leave Massachusetts.