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I miss you penpal

I remember having penpals when I was in high school and it seems that I have forgotten the great art of mailing cards and postcards. My dad use to send me postcards from different states that he would travel through. The last one I remember was from Utah and it had a desert scenery on it. He told me he missed me and he would be home soon. I was about 12 and now i’m 28. I miss getting postcards from him, sometimes I wish he would still do that.

But lately I have been toying around with different designs for postcards and cards. I made one for my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and now I’m ready to print some more for my friends and family. I have been taking elements from previous art or collage work that I have done. I wanted to print a few out and send them around. More and more of my friends seem to be scattered in several different states. I’m sure it would be nice to give each other some real mail with stamps and a postmark on it instead of typing to each other in cyberspace.owl-2.jpg


Dreaming of a Steeltown


I lived in Pittsburgh, PA for 8 years of my life. I probably won’t move back anytime soon but I have such fond memories of the area. My g/f and I found this amazing postcard at a flea market this summer.


She bought it for me for $2.00. The copyright date is 1941. Last week I thought I had misplaced them forever and was extremely sad. I finally found them shoved into a book. This is probably one of the best presents anyone has ever given me. Once I really looked at it I saw that they folded out into several postcards. I recognized most of the buildings and landmarks as if they are embedded in my head forever. I scanned them and framed a few of them on my wall

My Tiny Heart


I have felt very inspired lately and have been working on some new paintings. My friends and family are always asking me what I’m up to so this is just an easier way to show people what I’m doing. Plus I have been saying that I’m going to keep an art blog for some time now. First piece that I’m posting is a 10×10 mixed media piece I just finished called “My Tiny Heart”. Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy and there’s more to come…