My Own Identity Crisis

One thing that is tough is coming up with a new company’s
brand and their logo. I think it’s even worst when it’s your own.
I tend to change my mind a lot and 6 months I could be bored
with logo I choose. I think that’s why I have avoided coming up
with something for so long.

So far, I came up with three ideas and opinions are welcomed!

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Inspirational Boards

In the past few months I have been noticing sites where you can
just post images that inspire you. There are some that have been
around for a while but the latest ones such Pintrest and Image Spark
have really caught my eye. Right now I would have to say I’m more
addicted to Pintrest because it’s set up almost like Twitter where you
can follow people. I don’t really get the “moodboards” on Image
Spark and I’m sure if I take the time to explore them I might
understand it better.

The other thing to note is that you have to be invited to Pintrest where
as Image Spark just let’s you sign up. I do think they are both great sites
that allow you to have everything that inspires you in one place instead
of bookmarking a billion photos.

James Provost: Poster

If you are into mid-century / modern chairs as much as I am then
you will love this awesome poster created by James Provost!

You can purchase this poster right here!

Birckhauser Architectural Guide

While browsing around a Half Price store here in Pittsburgh I came across
this tiny Swiss Architectural book called Birkhauser Architectural Guide.
The cover immediately grabbed my attention! There are plenty of pictures
inside this book of the amazing architecture that is in Switzerland.

This was such a great find and I can’t wait to use this for projects.

Shapes & Type

I’m really digging these flickr finds.

Be Creative No. 3

Snow took over the east coast and gave us a beating. I only was annoyed
when I ran out of coffee, but I took advantage of the time to myself and
created this poster:

You can purchase this print in my shop.

Girls on Film

Oh, how I miss those 80’s. Not really, but I’m fond of the music.
This piece is dedicated to Duran Duran.

Print is available in the shop now!

Vintage Penguin & Pelican covers

I go to ffffound on a daily basis and see such amazing posts by other
creative members. But sometimes I’ll see something at a glance and it
doesn’t occur to me to save it when I’m just searching quickly.

I kept coming across the vintage Penguin + Pelican book covers and one
really (#1 with the orange stripes) caught my eye on there but I couldn’t
find it again, until today when I was on See Saw’s blog and through there
I came across the flickr set by Joe Kral. He has a sweet collection of them!

Picture 6
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Fayette County Tourism

I will say that the people at the Fayette County chamber office
are super nice. I’m actually putting together the new tourism guide
but couldn’t gather any new event information. When I called they
were really friendly and got back to me quickly with new winter updates.
Plus, if I was not from here I would probably really like this area.
There’s a lot of cute things to do. Just avoid the mall area.


Industrial Revolution

I finally finished my collage that I started on weeks ago.